Happy Holidays!

It's my last entry before I go to Ukraine. Yay!
So, I have a gift for all you. It's an album of sad or not so sad songs. Hope you like it.


Also, I have icons, of course.
Enjoy. :)

-Tru Calling
-Dead Like Me
-Jason Behr
-Paul Rudd
-Kristen Bell
-Emily Deschanel

- Comments, please.
- Credit.
- Feel free to add me to your f-list.

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If you want to be hero just follow me...

Hell, I really hate my computer. Because of the fracking hot, it works even more slowly.
However, I could do some icons. :P MUAHAHAHAHA
Hope you like them.
And please, please... don't forget to comment ;)

-Kristen Bell
-Summer Glau
-How I met your mother
-Sé lo que hicisteís...
-Studio 60 on the sunset strip

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Goodbye Veronica Mars!

Hi folk!
I decided to do a little update. I got rid of my old layout, so I changed it.
This one is coded by appleleaf , thank you.

Today I've seen the last two episodes of Veronica Mars. I don't know what I'm going to do without this show. It was one of my favorites (the first ones are Buffy and Angel xD).
I'm really gonna miss it. :(
So I thought about commemorating this series doing a few icons.
Here they go.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Let the record play

Hey everybody!! How are you doing?
I'm happy because soon I'll have vacations!! Yupi!
Aaaanddd, I'm also happy because Good Charlotte has a new cd. ^^
Have you heard Within Temptation? Well, they've a new cd too, called The Heart of Everyting.
This is the most beautiful and the saddest song. Listen to it. ;)
Forgiven - Within Temptation

Finally, and the most important: icons.
Today I have:

-Avril Lavigne (1-10)
-Kristen Bell (11-13)
-Bones (14-25)
-Chris Lowell (26-35)
-Dead Like Me (36-53)
-Firefly (54-59)
-Heroes (60-83)
-Within Temptation (84-89)
-Nicole Kidman (90-94)
-Katy Rose (95-100)
-Milo Ventimiglia (101-102)
-Ellen Pompeo (103-105)
-Sarah Michelle Gellar (106-109)
+Wallpaper [Logan + Parker]

Don't forget the comments! Bye

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Bang, bang!

Hey! I'm back and this time with lots of icons. :D
Hmm... I'm writing in english just to practise, so don't go mad with my mistakes :P
I have a new layout, coded by onebigshrug . Do you like it? Cause I do. hehehee
Well, let's go to the icons.
As I say, I have a lot of icons, mostly stock icon.
-Veronica Mars
-Grey's Anatomy
-John Tuker Must Die
-Chris Lowell

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No ha pasado ni un día y ya estoy otra vez aqui!! :P
Postea para dejar mi "Meme", que me invitó a hacerlo messdestruction  

Mi Meme
1.haz una lista con las 7 canciones que más escuchas últimamente y súbelas a un servidor para que tu friendslist pueda compartir tu música.
2.haz una lista con 7 amigos para que se la hagan ellos también.

1) Senza Fine - Gino Paoli

2) You make me completely miserable - Lit

3) Boom boom ba - Metisse

4) Can you hear me? - Rezophonic

5) Hemorrhage - Fuel

6) Opasnoe Leto - Night Snipers

7) Comatose - Skillet

Invito a deby91 manganxet zania_85 magnetic_lj mara83 antoine88 traveltomars  Chau!
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New Generation

[mood| relaxed]
Cuanto tiempo!! Ya estamos en 2007 y yo ya tengo 17 años! Wow! Que rápido pasa el tiempo!
Uf! No sé que escribir.
Hoy termina la fecha para poder votar en los Premios Buffy. Foro Buffy
Y mañana es la gala de entrega de premios! jejjjeej Será divertido.
En fin, no sé me ocurre nada que escribir, así que paso a poner el fanart.

Esta vez un wallpaper de Claire y Peter, que hice para un challenge de Heroes Spain ; avatars de Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kristen Bell, How I Met Your Mother, Jessica Biel, Psych, etc...

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